On Coravin: Choosing a Wine for Every Type of Thanksgiving Meal

Is it just the media, or is everyone freaking out about what wines to serve at Thanksgiving dinner?

It’s a common headline around this time of year, and I’m part of the writing frenzy, too. Chardonnay or Cabernet? Gamay or Sangiovese? There are so many choices that sometimes you can get decision fatigue just thinking about bottles of wine. Have NO fear, here’s another Thanksgiving wine article for you.

My latest on Coravin: Choosing a Wine for Every Type of Thanksgiving Meal.

Tropical Thanksgiving? Friendsgiving? Colleague potluck dinner? I got you. If you read any Thanksgiving wine-pairing article this year, let it be this one (and the other one I wrote for Biscayne Times).

Check it out on the Coravin blog. Happy Thanksgiving, wine-os!

Thanksgiving Wine Suggestions
Check out my latest article on Coravin.

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