Discover Mendoza’s Wine Country on

Amazing Argentina:  A beautiful country full of natural wonders and lots of wine. It’s the land of Malbec, which has a rich history and story to tell.

Just last week, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Bodega Catena Zapata, where we had the opportunity to taste through several lines of premium wines from this winery in Mendoza, Argentina, and we were also presented with an abbreviated version of a play called “As Wine Flows By” about the history of the Malbec grape in Argentina and beyond. From France to Argentina, cultivated by Italian immigrants who arrived in this new land in South America, this region and grape truly have a remarkable past.

A history of Malbec
A History of Malbec by Catena Zapata

You see, Laura Catena, 4th-generation vintner and owner of Bodega Catena Zapata, was supposedly tired of hearing the question, “so what’s next after Malbec?” So she put together a presentation that showcased the history of the grape and its profound impact on the industry in Argentina to help the world understand that Malbec wines are not just a trend but deeply entrenched in the history and culture of the Argentine wine industry and community.

For 100 years, Laura’s family has been pioneering winemaking in Mendoza, and it is because of their efforts in producing wines of quality in Argentina that Argentine Malbec has become a highly respected wine around the globe, and Mendoza has been recognized as one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World.

Discover Mendoza’s Wine Country on

Journey with us through Mendoza, the land of Malbec and more! I’ve put together a brief overview of the region with an idea of where to visit when you travel through the area for Keep a lookout for frequent updates and winery additions.

Have you been to Mendoza? What wineries and regions would you like to see highlighted?

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