Music & Wine Pairing with House of Krug Champagne on

We all could use a little distraction during this time.

Recently (before coronavirus), I had the opportunity to sit down with Oliver Krug, who is the Krug House Director and sixth-generation Krug family member involved with the operation of the iconic Champagne House. Oliver and I tasted through two of his beautiful Champagnes. One was the 162nd  Édition Grande Cuvée, while the other was the 2006 vintage. Both are excellent wines with freshness and intensity, along with that signature Krug richness.

Music & Wine Pairing with House of Krug Champagne on

In addition to tasting wines, we also spoke in-depth about the Krug Echoes program. Oliver was excited to share more about what the House of Krug Champagne is doing to pair each of their unique bottles with music. He equates each Grande Cuvée to an orchestra, with a perfect blending of complementary musicians and instruments. While the vintages that are released on their own are strong enough, musically speaking, to play a solo song.

Experience Krug Echoes
Photo Provided by House of Krug Champagne

So, to showcase the connection between the Champagne and music, the House has developed the Krug Echoes program, which pairs each bottle with individually produced music by classically-trained musicians from across the globe. Krug brings in these musicians to taste the Champagnes and then compose a song that pairs with each unique blend. It’s truly a masterpiece!

Journey with us through music and wine with Krug Champagne in my latest article for In it, I outline what goes into a music and Champagne pairing, and why the Krug model is so unique. Also, how you can hear the music of Krug next time you visit the House in Reims, France.

Have you experienced the Krug Echoes music pairing? What do you think?

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