Quarantine Bottles Cont… (3)

My third blog post in this series makes sense to post now because we are coming into our third week in quarantine. Today is basically day 16–I’m counting from the last time we ate out at a restaurant and adopted our two new kitties because we’ve basically been inside ever since (aside from essential errands).

There are several sparkling wines here because let’s face it, sparkling wine is the best, and because we also participated in another fantastic webinar hosted by Florida Wine Academy, this time on sparkling wines.

A side note–Florida Wine Academy will be hosting Zoom wine tasting webinars every Wednesday and Friday during the quarantine, so check out the schedule for the next one! They are truly fun and educational, and a nice opportunity to “socialize” with other wine lovers.

Additionally, you’ll see a bottle from Ribera del Duero here. Unfortunately, I was supposed to be traveling through the region this week on a trip with others from the industry, but that was obviously postponed. I hope to get back later this year.

Here we go! The next batch of quarantine wines!

(The first three wines were purchased from 305wines.com.)


Champagne Bollinger
Champagne Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée, NV

Champagne, France

If I said I was in love with this Champagne, would you believe me? This is the Champagne of James Bond, and I wouldn’t mind if it was our house special either. Bold and elegant with just the right mix of fruit and creaminess. Red berries from the Pinot Noir in this cuvée dominated the fruit flavors on my palate, but I also found some citrus and apple there along with that beautiful brioche. It’s a blend of 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Meunier, and most of the grapes are sourced from Grand Cru & Premier Cru vineyards. Refined and powerful with a lasting finish–this is a hard bottle to forget.

Jansz Premium Rosé, NV

Jansz Sparkling Rose
Jansz Premium Rosé, NV

Tasmania, Australia

What a refreshingly dry sparkling rosé from a unique region in the world. Made in Méthode Tasmanoise, or the traditional method, this rosé is a great choice for a Champagne alternative. Bright red fruit aromas and tart fruit flavors are persistent throughout the nose and mouth, and the wine has a distinct crispness due to excellent acidity. Enjoy as an aperitif or even with some salty cheese. Jansz is an enjoyable wine!


Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling
Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling

Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling

Mosel, Germany

What? A sparkling Riesling? This was a pleasant surprise. Not for the dry wine lover, as this has about 19g/l sugar, and it definitely shows. However, for a sparkling wine made in the Charmat Method, this 100% German Riesling specialty was quite refined. The fruit was ripe and clean with that refreshing brightness that many enjoy with their bubbles. We paired it with a chicken curry dish, and the sweetness perfectly complemented the touch of spice in the food.



Mumm Napa Devaux Ranch, 2015

Napa, California

Mumm Devaux Ranch
Mumm Devaux Ranch

My initial thought on the first sip of this sparkling from Napa was simply “creamy.” Another beautiful wine that can be enjoyed anytime, especially on a Sunday afternoon during a quarantine. Citrus fruits like orange alongside some cherry from the 48% Pinot Noir in the blend guide your senses on a tasting journey. According to the Mumm site, 10% of the Chardonnay in this bottle is aged in oak giving it a bit of spice and body not found in lighter sparkling. I’m a big fan of Mumm, as their Napa wines are my idea of perfect everyday sparklings.




Bela, 2017

Ribera del Duero, Spain

I opened this bottle the other night because I’m supposed to be visiting the region of Ribera del Duero right now, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus, I’m still at home. Luckily, I’m able to “travel through the bottle” with great wines like Bela from the famed CVNE (Compania Vinicola del Norte de España) brand.

This is a savory Tempranillo with overwhelming earthier aromas  and only the most subtle dry black fruit flavors peeking through. Made from 100% estate-grown Tempranillo from vineyards in the village of Villalba del Duero in the province of Burgos, and aged in American oak, this wine is a bold representation of a spicier-more mushroom/forest floor version of this Spanish grape. I would pair this wine with strong cheese and meat tapas for an authentic Spanish experience.


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