April Vino Column “Catch Up with Wines Down Under”

It often feels weird to read things that were written before we rapidly descended into this world of lockdowns and quarantines, but we know that the world existed in some form of “normalcy” before; we are in a new normal; we will come out of it in some form of a mix between the two, but the biggest thing to remember is that life is constantly changing, and we need to be ready.

April Vino Column “Catch Up with Wines Down Under”

When I wrote this month’s Vino Column for Biscayne Times, it was meant to be more of a tribute to Australia and the hardship that country endured with the massive fires last year. It was truly devastating to watch the news and see how the land was suffering. That seems so long ago now as the world has come to its knees in trying to fight a global pandemic, with almost every country now suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, economically.

Therefore, the sentiment of this month’s column could surely be applied to wine regions around the world. The idea of “supporting from afar” is all we can do right now while we stay home and wait for the worst of this to hopefully pass. We can purchase wines from our favorite producers, explore new ones, and feel good that we are doing what little we can to prop up an industry that relies heavily on travel, tourism, and hospitality.

If we are wine lovers, we have this obligation.

Support can come locally as well as by ensuring that local wine shops in your neighborhood and city are being supported, too. For Vino, I purchase most of the wines at bigger stores like Total Wine and ABC, but that is primarily to ensure that the wines are widely available. If there is one bottle that catches your eye, don’t be shy about asking a smaller retailer if they have that wine or one similar.

I do love Australian wine, and I love the idea of supporting that country’s wine industry as it gets back on its feet this year. Let’s spread positivity, love, and support during this time when everything else is uncertain.


Photo by Biscayne Times
Photo by Biscayne Times

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