Foul Play in Vouvray, A Book Review

Anyone else love a good ole wine country detective mystery set in the Loire Valley? Because if you do, you’re in luck! Foul Play in Vouvray may just be the beach read you need this summer (if we are allowed to even go to the beach).

My old boss back in D.C. sent me a copy of the book after he read it, along with a note stating he knew it wasn’t great writing, but it was a fun read nonetheless. He’s right, the writing isn’t prize-winning, but this book sure was a nice escape from an otherwise gloomy few days in lockdown.

When a young actress is found unconscious during a party at a fellow actor/her lover’s château in Vouvray, a winemaker detective from Bordeaux must jump into action and find out exactly who may have wanted the girl dead.

If this sounds a little confusing to you that a winemaker detective from Bordeaux is solving crimes in Vouvray, it is. The book is part of a series of mystery books that involve the protagonist winemaker from Bordeaux, who also doubles as some kind of sleuth.

The twist and turns occur when the winemaker’s assistant is somehow tied to the young, attractive actress that evening of the accident, bones are found in the homeowner’s cellar in a chamber behind his wines, and allegations of misconduct involving the actress’ boyfriend are revealed. This is truly a “whodunit” in Vouvray and a nice read for a rainy afternoon.

Again, the writing is very simplistic, but you do get to enjoy a few tidbits of knowledge about the region dropped by characters in conversation. I didn’t hate this book, in fact, it’s perfect for those who like to read and not think too hard. Just don’t get your hopes up that it will baffle and surprise you too much.

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