May Vino Column “Stay Home with Some Old World Rosés”

It’s hard to believe that it’s May already! What happened to the last couple of months?

Oh, that’s right… we lost them somewhere between the living room and the bedroom.

There is no doubt that I’ve been enjoying some wonderful wine during quarantine time, and I’ve provided some tasting notes for many of those bottles over 10 separate posts. However, the show must go on with my Vino column and lovely economical wines as well, which I’ve also been tasting along the way.

May Vino Column “Stay Home with Some Old World Rosés”

While it is always rosé season in South Florida, those of you in the more northern states may just now be getting some warmer weather (or maybe not–I saw that snow). Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that April showers bring May rosés.

In my latest Vino Column in Miami’s Biscayne Times newspaper, let’s explore seven bottles of economical Old World rosés that will surely be easy to enjoy as the days warm up, even if we are still stuck inside–or on a porch or balcony.

Cheers to warmer days (for some of you), and hopefully being able to share a glass together soon!

Photo by Biscayne Times

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