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More hybrid grapes! How exciting!

I’ve been getting a bit more into the “east coast” grapes lately on This comes mainly from my love of Virginia wine and my experiences in that state getting to know these grapes about 10 years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice to have so many beautiful wineries close by these days when we are so limited in our activity options? Even with the current tasting room restrictions, I would love the ability to go out to some of my favorite northern Virginia spots and revisit so many of these wines that sparked my interest in starting this blog & a career writing about wine.

Seyval Blanc

When was the first time you tried a Seyval Blanc? If the answer is never, then maybe it’s time you look for one (I recommend starting with some Virginia wineries). Seyval Blanc is often called “East Coast Chardonnay” due to its similarity in flavor and style to the world-famous Burgundian white. Despite its French origins, here’s another example of a grape that has been outlawed across the E.U. for quality wine production because it is not 100% vinifera but a French-American hybrid. Therefore, you mostly find this grape in the U.S. and parts of Canada nowadays.

Do you have a favorite Seyval Blanc producer? As always, leave a note in the comments with any wine suggestions, or ask any questions!

Learn more about Seyval Blanc, its style & food pairings in my latest grape profile piece for Winetraveler. 


Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash



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