10 Great Virginia Wineries That Are a Day Trip From Washington, D.C. on Winetraveler

If you know me, you know that I really got my start writing about wine while living in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. I would spend some weekends out in Virginia Wine Country looking for the best glass of Virginia wine, and I would always bring some home or look for VA labels out and about (easier to do in the region).

Let me tell you that I found a lot of great glasses, because there is a lot of great wine coming out of Virginia.

Since those days, I’ve been a big fan of Virginia wine and exploring Virginia Wine Country, so it was very exciting for me to write this list of some of the top wineries in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington.

It’s a beautiful area full of history…and WINE! And if you can guess it by now, that was the birthplace of this blog. Though the blog itself has evolved since its inception in my apartment in Arlington back in 2012, the idea is the same: reviews, stories, and musings about the wine lifestyle. The main difference is that now I get paid to write on the topic for several other publications. But if you really want some entertainment, look back at some of those posts I wrote wayyy back in the beginning, like the first one about the history of Virginia wine, written with a bit of humor.

Have we come full circle? Well, not yet because I’m not sitting in an apartment in Arlington, but I’m always very excited to write about the wines and history of Virginia, because it is a state that holds a special place in my heart.

I hope you take a chance to read through this list I put together for Winetraveler.com, and go visit and support these family-owned wineries in Northern Virginia. It truly is the birthplace of American wine, and you’ll have a blast getting to know the wonderful people behind these labels.


Photo of Paradise Springs Winery

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