The American Fine Wine Competition in Miami in Biscayne Times

Very rarely do I get to write first-person essays about my life in wine beyond the pages of this blog, but I did recently have the chance to tell a story for my latest monthly Vino column in Biscayne Times.

The American Fine Wine Competition in Biscayne Times

For the past few years–three, maybe four– I’ve been lucky enough to be a local wine judge here at the American Fine Wine Competition that takes place in Miami each year since 2007. The competition is an invitational that is open to American fine wines only (obviously). As a judge, our job is to pick out the best! Some flights are harder than others to determine award-winning wines, but we get through tasting about 700 wines over three long days.

I wrote about my experience as a wine judge and mentioned this year’s winning wines in my July Vino column for Miami’s best little newspaper, Biscayne Times.

That’s me! Tasting wine, per usual.
(Photo by Ervin Machado)

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