On Coravin: The Perfect Pairing: Wine & Art with Leanne Laine

One of the original pillars of my blog, when I started writing it back in 2012, was to incorporate articles about art and artists. I believe that art is totally part of the "wine lifestyle," as wine itself is a work of art (and science), and those who appreciate the finer wines of the world … Continue reading On Coravin: The Perfect Pairing: Wine & Art with Leanne Laine

Bananas About Art Basel

Each year during Miami Art Week and Art Basel, I always wonder if people who come in town only for this week of the year think that Miami is just this giant playground of insanity. The thought is valid, only because for this week of the year, the city is on neon steroids, even more … Continue reading Bananas About Art Basel

“Wine” Photography

Some of you may know that I dabble in amateur photography.  I've submitted a few photos from my trip to Argentina this past May to the annual Smithsonian photo contest. One of my favorites is a snap I took at Piattelli Vineyards outside of Cafayate, Argentina in the Salta Province. This photo showcases the vines … Continue reading “Wine” Photography

Frank Sinatra: 100 Years of Ol’ Blue Eyes

Charisma never dies—or at least, it lives on through the legacies created by those who possess it and use it for good. So it almost seems unnecessary to commemorate what would have been a mere 100 years of a charismatic life, when we have the rest of time to enjoy it. However, any occasion is … Continue reading Frank Sinatra: 100 Years of Ol’ Blue Eyes

In Support of Art, Writing, and all Things Expression

Life has been busy lately, and admittedly, I have not been paying much attention to the world outside of my realm of work and play. However, the horrific attack at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris has caught my attention, and my heart is breaking for the lives of those killed, as well as for the … Continue reading In Support of Art, Writing, and all Things Expression

Independent Musician Spotlight: Galen Clavio

I have to admit that I have been lucky throughout my life to be surrounded by so many talented friends & acquaintances. Though not musically inclined myself, I have always held music to a high position of both entertainment & solace in my life. Since I was young, song lyrics & rhythms have played a … Continue reading Independent Musician Spotlight: Galen Clavio

Wine Artist Spotlight: Leanne Laine

A few months ago, while searching for some wine-related articles on the Internet, I stumbled upon some of the most vibrant and unique artwork that I have ever seen. Now, I might be a little biased because I am involved the subject of her art, but I think that Leanne Laine's talent in painting scenes … Continue reading Wine Artist Spotlight: Leanne Laine

The Textile Museum, Who Knew?

I admit that there are many places around the metro-DC area that I have not fully explored. I’m not proud of that fact, because you would think that after almost three years in the area, someone like me would have wrung this place dry of secret cubby holes and hidden gems. Alas, I still have … Continue reading The Textile Museum, Who Knew?


If you are in the Washington, DC area on Thursday, April 4, 2013 from 6PM-9PM, please join me, and four other local artists at Hotel Rouge for a Local Artist Showcase.  I will be selling some of my very own photography. Other artists will have paintings and different creative projects available for sale. Details: What: … Continue reading ARTIST SHOWCASE IN DC ARTIST SHOWCASE IN DC