European Bubbly that Won’t Break the Bank in Biscayne Times

Another holiday season, another holiday bubbly article by yours truly. This year, I’m focusing on three bottles of traditional method sparkling wines from Europe that are great values for the quality. No Champagne here, but give Cava, Crémant, or Trentodoc a try. You can read my latest Vino column for Biscayne Times here.

Quarantine Bottles Cont… Are We There Yet? (5)

I’ll tell you this. It’s not just all wine-drinking while we self-isolate, though it may seem that way from my social media and these quarantine tasting notes posts. We cook, we take occasional walks, too. We even adopted two adult cats at the beginning of all this, and they’ve been keeping us busy (Roy &…

Quarantine Bottles Cont… (3)

My third blog post in this series makes sense to post now because we are coming into our third week in quarantine. Today is basically day 16–I’m counting from the last time we ate out at a restaurant and adopted our two new kitties because we’ve basically been inside ever since (aside from essential errands)….

Quarantine Bottles Cont… (2)

Instead of overwhelming the previous post with the first batch of quarantine wines, I’ll continue detailing my self-isolated wine drinking in a separate post. Here are my tasting notes on the bottles of wine I enjoy while practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 (cont…). New bottles added!   Domaine Jean Dauvissat Pere…

On Coravin: Albariño & Seafood: A Wine & Food Pair Made in Paradise

“What grows together goes together.” This  is one of the rules of wine and food pairing, and the rule I go by when pairing seafood and the Spanish specialty, Albariño. Follow me as I walk through five seafood and Albariño pairings in my latest article for the Coravin wine blog. (You may be surprised by…

March Vino Column “Iberian Wines Pair Well with Spring”

Is it spring yet? Some of you up north may be wondering. When you’re ready to switch wine gears, it may be time to try some new Iberian whites this spring! Check out my March Vino column in Biscayne Times newspaper for some economical suggestions of Spanish and Portuguese white wines! Cheers!

5 Wine Regions to Visit in 2019

Deciding where to plan your next wine vacation can be a bit daunting. With so many options from Napa to New Zealand, it’s easy to see how any wine-o can develop decision fatigue. Do you want to drink Pinot Grigio or Pinotage? Would you rather sip Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon? Visit the ocean or the…