Tasting Texas Hill Country Wine at Fall Creek Vineyards on Winetraveler.com

Finally, some fresh winetasting content in 2020 from a new-to-me winery. We had the opportunity to visit Fall Creek Vineyards at their Driftwood, Texas location earlier this month. Wow, what a great little family-owned winery in Texas Hill Country. Ed & Susan Auler are just the sweetest owners, full of hospitality & stories. Tasting Texas... Continue Reading →

Florida Gulf Coast Travel Guide: Road Trip Itinerary on Winetraveler.com

If you've been following me on social media (@historyandwine), it's no secret that I've been spending some time on the west coast of Florida while all the hoop-la is going on in Miami.  It has been such a nice change of pace to experience a different part of Florida for an extended period of time.... Continue Reading →

Alicante Bouschet & Picpoul Blanc Grape Profiles on Winetraveler.com

It's true that these grapes don't have a lot to do with each other, other than origins in France. However, it could be said that they are both varieties that have fallen out of favor but are finding a resurgence of interest in recent years--albeit in regions that aren't their original homes. Learn more about... Continue Reading →

Canned Wine: Myths Busted, Facts Uncovered on Winetraveler.com

Here we go again with another "controversial" topic in wine. Question: how can something that is supposed to bring so much pleasure be so controversial? I'll tell you why--because stubborn people set in their ways make it that way! If you've been paying attention to changing trends right now in the wine industry, you may... Continue Reading →

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