When It Comes to Restaurants, Give Me More Than a Story

It happens all too often. A new restaurant comes to town (or maybe a new spot opens by local chefs). Hype ensues. Local bloggers attach themselves to the story. Buzz words like “homegrown,” “authentic,” “ethnic,” “local,” “natural,” and “gem” pop up in the stories. Usually, there is a very compelling story. Pick-me-up-by-the-bootstraps type of story.... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Chef Adrianne in a Far Away Restaurant

  It may seem strange for me to talk about a fine-dining experience being “so far away” in Miami, when I spent the better part of several months while working in the wine industry regularly making the trek down to Homestead for Dinner in Paradise at Paradise Farms, but Chef Adrianne’s fantastical restaurant is located... Continue Reading →

Christy’s Restaurant Celebrates 35 Years (With $35 Bottles of Premium Wine!)

When Coral Gables and Miami natives hear the name "Christy's," thoughts of the holy grail of fine-dining immediately surface in their minds. This quaint, upscale steakhouse sits on an unassuming corner on Ponce De Leon Boulevard right across the street from the Coral Gables Courthouse, just blocks away from trendy Miracle Mile in downtown Coral... Continue Reading →

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