European Bubbly that Won’t Break the Bank in Biscayne Times

Another holiday season, another holiday bubbly article by yours truly. This year, I'm focusing on three bottles of traditional method sparkling wines from Europe that are great values for the quality. No Champagne here, but give Cava, Crémant, or Trentodoc a try. You can read my latest Vino column for Biscayne Times here. photo courtesy... Continue Reading →

February Vino Column “New World Reds that Aren’t Cabernet Sauvignon”

Shopping for wines can actually be a challenge at some of the standard wine stores around the country. If you really pay attention, you'll notice that much of the selection is geared toward certain regions and grapes. In fact, if you walk down the aisles of Total Wine or ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, you'll... Continue Reading →

January Vino Column “Alternative Old World Wines at a Bargain”

Wow, can you believe it's 2020? Just think about it. 100 years ago, our fellow Americans were entering into 13 long years of alcohol prohibition. It's hard to believe that someone could survive 13 years without being able to just go over to their neighborhood wine shop and buy whatever bottles they wanted. It's unfathomable... Continue Reading →

December Vino Column “Celebrate with Bubbly on a Budget”

I'll admit that I LOVE Champagne. I really do. In fact, I attended two Champagne parties in one day earlier this week during Miami's Art Basel. Two fantastic Champagne parties with flowing, unlimited bubbly. For a Champagne lover, it was a pretty perfect day. However, Champagne is often very expensive, and hardly ever what you... Continue Reading →

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